A chalkboard table plan – Emma & Mark April 2014

Tomorrow will be the big day for another of my lovely table plan clients – Emma and Mark – hopefully the wonderful weather we’ve been having lately will continue and they will have a day of sunshine and smiles!

Emma sent me over her wedding invite for this one as guidance on the design and I reflected the styling in the table plan, along with a ribbon banner for their name – I hope they enjoy looking at it as much as I liked putting it together…

Lots more chalkboard table plans to do this month so watch this space! As always, if you see something you like or would like to discuss your requirements then get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk.

A framed chalkboard table plan – Jennie & Peter April 2014

Since the little Bean has made an appearance I’ve struggled to wash my hair or brush my teeth, let alone do anything on my Etsy shop or update my blog so I would apologise for being so absent but I’ve literally not had a moment!

My Etsy shop has however been ticking along nicely on its own and doing really well so far this year – I’ve had several chalkboard table plan bookings already!

Jennie got in touch just before the birth of our little man asking for something a little different to my usual creations and I was more than happy to oblige. I sourced, painted and distressed a couple of vintage frames for her and created an original design for a wedding table plan and guest book sign.

Juggling this alongside caring for Bean was a little difficult but really enjoyable and I’m so pleased with the outcome…

As always, if you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.

Bean has landed! Baby B joins us…

After going 12 days overdue and having a 24 hour pessary, my waters broken and an oxytocin drip the little man, Henry Lucas, was born via emergency c-section at 14.04 on Saturday 1st February 2014. That sentence completely fails to convey the ups and downs and disappointments of the induction process, being in hospital (which I REALLY didn’t want) and fears of having major surgery but our lovely baby was worth everything and more and it could have been a lot worse!

At a week old he’s already started to show signs of a cheeky little personality – in the brief periods he can keep his eyes open for more than 2 seconds (milk is a most potent drug) – and we couldn’t be more smitten with him – but then I guess that’s kind of the point.

Presenting Master B

Now I just have to stop staring at him long enough to get some sewing/crafting done – got a fair few chalkboard and peg people orders to get on with!

Quick, it’s sunny – get outside!

Anyone in the UK will appreciate that getting out and about recently without getting soaked from above or below has been somewhat difficult, I didn’t even know this much rain could fall in a month. But yesterday was just beautiful, not a spot of rain and brilliant sunshine all day so we got our wellies out and drove to the ‘country’ for a nice long walk (well for a 40 week+ pregnant lady) to try and shake Baby B out.

I did manage to walk for over an hour but paying for it today with horrible pelvis pain, maybe he’s on his way out? ;) Then we stopped off at the White Hart in Nettlebed for some well deserved steaks (and a pudding or two which I felt very justified in consuming!). A lovely, sunny, wintery day – as Sunday’s should be :) What did you do with your sunny Sunday?

Cushions, cushions and more cushions

I may have gone into sewing overdrive…just slightly…but short of napping continuously and re-cleaning everything I’ve already cleaned I’m not sure what else to do!

Since we redecorated our bedroom a few months ago I’ve been meaning to make some cushions for our bed to match the roman blind I made (which was stupid easy and I’d definitely do again). I used scraps of fabric from the blind and complementary shades to make up some scrappy cushions. It was really fun just sewing scraps together as I went (pressing vigorously obviously!) and I am so pleased with the results.

A nursery corner completed!

2 cushions, 3 cot bumpers, 1 cot skirt, 2 fitted sheets and a cot quilt later and still no baby sadly but he’s not due till Saturday to be fair so perhaps he’ll be one of those rare babies who make an appearance on their due date…? I can only hope as I’m running out of things to make for the house…not fabric though, there seems to be a never ending supply of that! :)

Without further ado though, here are the fruits of my labours…

Wedding table plan for East Sussex DIY wedding

So…at 39+4 weeks I’m getting a little bored of being pregnant and just want to meet our little man! I’ve enjoyed being pregnant but it’s been long enough now – I want to be able to bend at the waist again and drink margaritas! :) I have however started 2014 with two orders for my peg people cake toppers and three orders for wedding table plans which is quadruple the orders I had at this time last year so things are coming along nicely, slowly but surely!

Whilst waiting for Bean to get the hint and get out I thought I’d share with you my last chalkboard wedding table plan of 2013 for the East Sussex based wedding of Hannah and James.

Hannah got in touch back in September last year, looking for a chalkboard table plan and table numbers to use at her DIY nature themed wedding and provided loads of ideas of the styling she was looking for. I used a wheat motif across both the table plan and numbers which I think suited the setting and the timing of the wedding. Hannah seemed pleased anyway! But what do you think?


If you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.