Making cards – Birthday loveliness

It was my Mum’s birthday last Saturday and as I wasn’t spending it with her I had to think of something nice to sent her in the post that wasn’t going to cost the earth to send or indeed ‘get lost’ as some over-excited postie decided to pocket her card/present rather than deliver it (I name no names…oh how I love Royal Mail).

So I found a brilliant idea online but I can’t find the site anymore, however this is not my idea and thank you fellow blogger that came up with this one – sorry I can’t remember where I found you! I have adapted it slightly, not necessarily for the better but just to fit in with what I had/could do. So, as I have a wealth of fabric and a HUGE number of buttons from my Granma (she is of the old school where you cut the buttons off of everything you own and save them for some random rainy day), I thought this would be super duper for my Mum’s card.

Mum's birthday card

Mum's birthday card

How to make fabric flowers

All I did was cut out 2 squares of fabric, 1 the same width as the card and another an inch smaller. I then folded them corner to corner and then into thirds and cut a semicircle out of them – I realise I should have taken photos at this point but I clean forgot! When you open them out they should have lovely petals, if not trim. I then sewed the two flowers together and attached one of my paper pieced hexagons from the quilt to the center, finishing it with a contrasting button in the center. When they were all securely sewn together I sewed all of them to the front of my card, done. I’m so pleased with the results I’m thinking of doing them again but maybe getting some brooch backs and sewing the flower to the brooch back then attaching that to the card so it’s like a much cooler birthday badge that you can wear beyond the day without being more than a little sad!

Money origami

Money origami

How to make money origami

I then decided that, in lieu of my presence, money was the best present but didn’t want to just shove a couple of notes in there so I found this great site and made a little origami heart and a shirt (no relevance whatsoever except that they were the options available!). Though it was hard folding with English money instead of American, and I had to make it up a fair amount on the heart, I’m quite pleased with the results. All in all, not a bad effort I think and Mum did seem pleased, although she didn’t want to undo the origami so the money will remain unspent for the time being – not quite what I had in mind 🙂


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