Batting and backing – the light at the end of the quilt is in sight!

Another thing I got done this weekend was getting the quilt batting and the backing ready. I’ve JUST got to sew another square of hexagons, about 16 x 50, so it’s going to take a while still but I’m definitely on the home straight! Now I need to work out whether I’m going to hand quilt it (or tie maybe I’m thinking) or get a fitting for my sewing machine so I can do it on there…as I for some reason always choose the hand sewing option it’s pretty clear which idea will win out!

I think I’m just not very confident with the machine…I got a sewing machine licence when I was 12, the proudest day of my life I must say, but it somehow only equipped me for sewing straight lines and using only one setting on the machine. I look at the dials and wonder to myself what they all do, set the tension too high, mess up and then end up hand sewing. A resolution then to become better acquainted with my machine…it’s not going to be now though, the idea of trying to quilt on it makes me want to cry! For the next project though 🙂

The backing

The backing


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