Making cushions – 2 down, millions to go

So, though it may not seem it, I did get started on some cushions last week. Though I can’t claim that I ‘made’ them from scratch as I got them in Dunelm many, many, many moons ago, I did update them and hopefully tie them in with my quilt (if it’s ever finished).

The felt and cushion cover

The felt and cushion cover

Using a selection of felt in similar colours to the covers and some scraps from my quilt along with some buttons from the Granma’s stash (they some in handy all the time!) I created these. I used the same method for cutting the flower shapes as I did for my Mum’s card and just sewed the layers together, finished with a button and sewed them to the pillows. Not too bad, though definitely the easier to finish out of my ideas, just got to get up the energy to make the more difficult ideas happen…

Scraps from the quilt

Scraps from the quilt


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