What is it?!?! There’s an alien vegetable in my box!

An alien...? Nope, Romanesco Cauliflower!

An alien...? Nope, Romanesco Cauliflower!

So I was confronted with one of these in my Riverford box this morning and did initially ponder as to what the hell it was…one of my, very helpful, colleagues suggested that it was something from Mars…whilst entirely plausible at that time in the morning, when I’ve yet to wake up and for some reason had the theme tune to Star Wars in my head, I think he may be wrong. I was pretty sure it was a Brassica but what do you DO with it? If I had a mantlepiece I’d be tempted to put it on there and invite people round for show and tell!

So a quick check revealed that it is in fact…*fanfare*…a romanesco cauliflower. I don’t like cauliflower, this could be a problem. Oh well, time to find something interesting to do with it or feed it to the bunnies…though they don’t seem to like cauliflower either…weird alien like vegetable anyone? Or even any ideas of what to do with it?!?

I did also get some great veg though including some cavolo nero, butternut squash, beetroot, onions, carrots and fennel including some free chives, the bunnies will go crazy for the chives!

Having Googled it I’ve found a few ideas and will be cooking it for dinner tonight I think in a simple pasta dish so I’ll post the results, unless it’s too delicious looking and I end up scoffing it without taking photos! 😉


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