Recipe – Glazed apple custard tart with ginger lemon ice cream

A random apple...

A random apple...

You guessed it…I was too sozzled/too busy wolfing this down to take a picture – once again! It did however taste amazing! A large amount of praise should go to Mr B for this one as I was in more of a supervisory role 🙂

We had a fair bit of ice cream left over after this and it is actually a bit much on it’s own as it is so intense but it went beautifully with the apple tart so I’d recommend having it in place of cream with any fruit based pudding rather than on it’s own. I think it would be great with plum crumble or something similar.

So the apple tart recipe came from the lovely Raymond Blanc – well, his mother he reckons. The only alteration we made to his recipe was to include white rum rather than calvados, simply because we didn’t have any and I wouldn’t know what to do with a whole bottle of it! The rum worked well to be fair so not the worst replacement. The only thing I would say is that it can’t be served warm due to the custard so don’t make the mistake I did and warm it through before serving, it falls apart! You need to cool it for the hour he recommends. This is why I should follow recipes more faithfully!

The ice cream recipe came off of the blog of an ex-Master Chef contestant, Michelle Peters-Jones, we just substituted the ‘half and half’ for double cream as I have no idea what that is! This might be why it’s so rich and I’d suggest maybe doing half and half of double and single cream if you’re making it…that’s probably what half and half is anyway! Her way of extracting ginger juice does give you an amazingly intense ginger flavour so, though a bit labour intensive, it’s well worth it.

I served everyone a slice of the tart with a quinelle (my effort at one anyway…no idea how to spell it either) on top and a drizzle of the syrup from my jar of stem ginger – delicious!



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