Attempting to machine quilt!

Quilting the hand sewn paper pieced quilt

So very nearly there! Over the weekend, whilst trying to distract myself from Helga’s troubles I did quite a lot of quilting having finally got the even feed foot I needed for my machine. I definitely won’t claim that it’s the best quilting that I’ve ever seen but I’ve done it so it looks great to me 🙂 Usually I’m my harshest critic but I’ve put so much work into this it’s hard to be objective! I do wish I had planned how the quilting pattern would look as I would have done it slightly differently but by the time I realised this I’d sewn about 50 lines and there was NO way I was unpicking them AGAIN! Room for improvement on the next one I guess…next one?!? What am I saying?!?

So a few pictures of how it’s coming along. There’s every chance that I’ll have it bound by next week. Going to get started on that tonight hopefully and then when Mr B asks if he can snuggle under it yet I can finally say yes….and move onto producing some of my other creations that I’ve had oh so many ideas for over the last few months!

The front and back


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