Binding commences!

I cut up all my binding strips last night so hope to get onto binding over the next couple of days. The end if nigh, and this time I mean it!

I’m using a blue polycotton that came in the stash that my Granma gave me a while back, it’s sort of cornflower blue and matches really nicely with the colours in the quilt. I think it’s also fitting that I use it to complete this quilt seeing as she sadly passed away before I could show her it, I really wanted her to see what I’ve struggled to achieve. As a sewing teacher and an accomplished home sewer I wanted her to see how I was inspired by her paper pieced hexagons to make my own and, using some fabrics from her, how I’ve created something that will hopefully last a long time…oh well, maybe she can still see it 😉

As I have not idea how to do this I’ve been looking out for tutorials for binding a quilt and I thought, maybe you guys might be trying this too, or contemplating producing a quilt – do! So here are the two best tutorials I came across, with different ways of doing it…

Crazy Mom Quilts – Hand sewn finish (or you could try Sew Inspired)

Christine Mann – No hand sewing.


2 thoughts on “Binding commences!

  1. Thank you!…if only I'd seen this last night, I spent ages stitching the binding together (I couldn't get my head round which way each end joined up) and then trying to join the ends together without having to iron. It sort of worked but not without a lot of pulling and shoving, this great video would have helped. It will for the next one though! 🙂

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