My very first quilt – finished!

I cannot believe it but finally, after nearly a year, I have sewn, quilted and edged my quilt! It’s by no means perfect and there are so many things that I would do differently but I love it – I’ve not stopped stroking it every time I walk past it 🙂

So we now have a lovely quilt for our bed and my brain is free to start dreaming about my next project…I’ve been thinking about opening a shop but more on that in the future!

My efforts…



10 thoughts on “My very first quilt – finished!

  1. You picked a very detailed design for your first quilt! Much braver then me, for sure. It looks lovely. Do any of the fabrics have special meaning? PS. I am in the middle of updating my blog and almost picked the blue and white design you have!PPS. I also updated my latest blog posting to include rules on knitting/needlepoint supplies for carry on luggage. I hope it helps!

  2. Thank you all for your comments, I love knowing people are reading!dotscharm – thank you, it's inspired me more than a little 🙂 It's nowhere near as beautiful as your first attempt!julochka – it's been a long slog but so rewarding.LeeAnn – 90% madness really, if I'd known how complicated it would be but I wanted to pull something together with real meaning and many of the fabrics have come out of my Granma's stash and have made up clothes I wore when I was little. P.S. You clearly have excellent taste if you were drawn to this background! ;)P.P.S. oooh, thank you, I will have to check it out now…SewAmy – Yup, tiny 1.5 inch hexagons that all had to be hand basted. Thank you for your kind words, it's lovely to know other people love it as much as me! You sew such beautiful work, I love reading your blog.

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I made a baby quilt using hexagons, years ago – I applaud you for making a full-size quilt of hexagons!! That's a lot of work, and you've got a beautiful quilt now. So glad you stopped by my site and commented, because now I've had the opportunity to "meet" you here! Looking forward to see what you make next….

  4. Thanks Jayne for your kind words, I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to seeing your next quilt or food adventure!It did take a certain amount of bravado to just do it but it's worth the effort definitely, I'll check in with your blog to see how you get on 🙂

  5. I know, I've been loving sleeping under it 🙂 Having my root canal tomorrow so intend to come home and snuggle on the sofa under it whilst demanding that Mr B answers my every demand 😉 x

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