The quilt that Granma made

I’ve been thinking about doing another hexagon quilt…I know, slightly mental, particularly as I was going to start focusing on other crafts and look at creating a range of home stuffs using recycled materials. I love the idea of creating a usable item out of some fabric that has a history and I do like recycling šŸ™‚

But anyway, when my Granma gave me a load of her stash (including every colour bias tape you could EVER need – what to do?) there were a number of paper pieced hexagons in there. These are the ones that inspired me to make my own hexagon quilt. I think that they must have been made by some of her students as some of them still have names on them, I’ll just have to imagine the whys and hows though as unfortunately I can’t ask her anymore.  I think that’s the saddest thing about losing someone, all the questions that you’ll never get to ask them…

They’re a lot larger than the ones I made and in a variety of fabrics, not my normal choice of colours admittedly but I really like the idea of making them into a proper quilt. It’s not going to be the biggest quilt in the world as there are only around 50 hexagons but I’m wondering if somehow I can piece them together in a grandmothers quilt pattern – fitting I know. Well I’ll need to mull it over…and try to find the leftover batting from my first quilt…I put it somewhere safe?!?!


One thought on “The quilt that Granma made

  1. Loving your blog still my dear – I have a little peak when I get into work and then again at lunch to see what you've been getting up to! ;)How about making some quilted "panels" to front onto a few cushin covers?xxx

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