Pasta and pork with the parents

So my Mum and Dad came over on Friday night for a spot of dinner, far too many drinks and a bit of guitar between Mr B and my Dad. All in all a very nice evening, despite the fact that I had FAR too much wine and completely ruined all my diet efforts for this week…well I lost a pound but that’s just not good enough! Back onto the diet this week for sure with some real commitment.
We did go shopping on Saturday and I managed to buy a couple of mediums which pleased me no end! Anyway, back to the food…we had homemade pasta carbonara (courtesy of Rick Stein) followed by stuffed pork shoulder (from Thomasina Miers…sort of) with roasted baby new potatoes, braised red cabbage and swede and carrot mash. All in pretty delicious, we run out of energy at this point so just had cheese after!

Spaghetti Carbonara
Stuffed pork shoulder with veg
I also made a few crostini for a nibble beforehand topped with a tomato and pickled garlic salsa or lemon humus with sun dried tomatoes but completely forgot to take a photo as I was too busy scoffing and quaffing to care!
Top this all off with some lovely guitar from Mr B and Dad and we had a lovely evening!

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