How to make a Knitting Needle Roll

Well I’m more than a little proud of myself! Last night, driving home thinking about the exercise I was going to do and all the stuff I hadn’t achieved at work that day I thought that actually finishing a sewing/crafting project would maybe make me feel a little better…do you know what? It did!

I’ve been knitting a bit lately (though I am still very much a novice), I’ve just finished a scarf and I have two lovely new wools to make two new scarfs from so I thought something to use for knitting would be great. Ages ago I bought a load of gorgeous wooden knitting needles which have lived in a jiffy bag ever since. Whilst the top of one has been gnawed off by an errant rabbit – mentioning no names of course – they’re in good condition and I thought that they deserved a home worthier than an envelope!

So I googled knitting needle roll tutorials and found some pretty good ones such as – Lupinbunny, a load of suggestions from Tipnut, Multicrafty and Craftster – before settling on this one from madebyloulabelle (love the site!). 
I pretty much followed the tutorial, although I am terrible at cutting straight edges which might be why I had a little trouble getting everything to line up and might even have to do some post sew repairs but I am SUPER pleased with what I ended up with – wonky lines and all!

A few things I would change, if I ever make another one, would be – choose a fleece or thinner batting instead of the quilting batting I used, get thicker bias tape (I used my Granma’s pre-war stuff), make the upper needle guard a little deeper, cut straighter lines in the first place and embroider the numbers BEFORE I sew it all together! Other than that it was pretty successful, the fruits of my labours…

Knitting needle roll – rolled


My attempt at post sew embroidery…

At home with the wools
So I’m now going to steam ahead with the scarfs and I’m even thinking about making a blanket, but I need circular needles I think…and a whole lot more knitting knowledge than I currently possess – you’ve got to try I suppose!
My latest knitting project


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