Oh my, has it been a busy few days!

We’re in! Despite this being (apparently) a relatively quick sale it seems like forever since we first walked into our little house in the wrong part of town and decided we HAD to have it. Only 8 weeks later we have now moved around 50 billion boxes and way more furniture than we remember having and I’ve cleaned till all my fingernails broke! There was much help from our respective parents but Mr B and I may take a little while to recover from the stress!So now our days are filled with discussing where the CD’s should go (a primary concern of Mr B) and which way round our bed should go (it’s the wrong way!!!). But I am LOVING it, I’ve got the gorgeous period cottage that I have wanted since I was about 3 years old…well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration! I’ve got a bay window…and fireplaces in every room…and red brick walls wound my garden, it’s so pretty πŸ™‚ And we’re going to spend FOREVER making it even prettier!

Betty seemed to be settling in, she’s still eating and pooing which is always a good sign! Though I keep finding a cat on top of her hutch or run so think she might take a while to get used to that daily trauma! Once we’re all settled in, we’re going to be finding her a Bertie (how cute would that be?!?) to keep her company when we’re not there as I hate seeing her cute little face looking all lonely when I go off to work 😦

Even the little annoyances, like our Polish neighbours horrific taste in 90’s club music or the man who hocks up half his lungs every morning (urgh!!!) really don’t bother me because… it’s OUR house!!!

Soon as we’re up and running (and I’ve found my camera) I’ll be posting copious photos and stories about our struggles!


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