Happy wedding day Tim and Ellie – My wedding quilt unveiled…


So today is finally Q day for me, W day for a couple of mine and Mr B’s lovely friends but Q day for me! I finally get to give them the quilt that I made AGES ago and I can post some pictures of it!

I used a jelly roll of Moda Hullabaloo by Urban Chiks supplemented with some of my own vintage fabric –  the curtain I had on my bed when I was little (a lovely stripey lilac Laura Ashley print), a stripey grey and red cotton from my Granma and some yellow striped seersucker cotton that I tried (and failed) to make a nightdress out of when I was about 15…but that’s what happens when you don’t use patterns and have no idea what you are doing! …wait, that’s what I still do! 😉

Anyways, hopefully they will love it and get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it, maybe put it on their first baby’s crib! 🙂 A long way in the future obviously!

So without further ado, a few pictures of the quilt, my attempts at embroidery and my little denim label 🙂











One thought on “Happy wedding day Tim and Ellie – My wedding quilt unveiled…

  1. I love your quilt, especially the extra touches with the embroidery and label! I also love the fact that you used fabric that has ‘history’. When I was in high school, I did a lot of sewing, and my grandmother made some patch quilts using scraps from the fabrics I had used for my clothes. Now, whenever I see those quilts, it brings back great memories. I hope your quilt brings back a lot of great memories for you as well!

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