Recipe – Squid and Chorizo Risotto

My camera broke 😦 I think it’s probably that none of the batteries I have, have any charge left in them but I haven’t sorted it out so all my lovely photos of the Isle of Wight trip (there weren’t that many!) will have to wait for another day! 😦

In the meantime I thought I would share with you the recipe for the dinner (Squid and Chorizo Risotto) I cooked last night – which was absolutely delicious I might add – I did a little online research and then decided to make it up as I went along because…well that’s what I do!?

On another note we have so nearly finished our garden and I will be posting copious photos of the results, we put in another fence post last night and are getting the panels tonight so the end is nigh! Then we’re onto sanding the floors in our lounge, hall and dining room – I was almost tempted to put the carpet back down but Mr B has reminded me of how lovely it’ll look if we don’t. Need to focus on that and not the huge amount of work (and dust) that it entails! Now Damp man is gone I just want to get on with having a sofa – ahhhh, reclining on a comfortable sofa – those were the days! 😉 Anyway, more on that another day, onto the squid risotto recipe…

Squid and Chorizo Risotto

Serves 2-3

1 squid, cleaned, skinned and cut into thin rings (cut the tentacles in half)
10 cm length of chorizo, chopped into 1/2cm cubes
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2 red chilli, finely chopped (with or without seeds)
200g risotto rice
1 stock cube dissolved in 750 mls hot water (homemade stock is much nicer if you have some!)
25g parmesan cheese, finely grated

1. Heat the olive oil in a deep frying pan, once thinned add the chorizo.
2. Fry until the chorizo releases its oil and starts to colour up. Add the squid.
3. Fry for 2 minutes or so, just until the squid stops looking translucent – don’t cook it too much at this stage as it’ll be rubbery!

Frying squid and chorizo

Frying squid and chorizo

4. Take the chorizo and squid out of the pan and put in a bowl for later – leave the oils in the pan if you can.

Squid and chorizo having been fried

Squid and chorizo having been fried

5. Add the onion, chilli and garlic to the pan with the cooking oils from the squid and chorizo. Fry for 2-3 minutes until the onion and garlic are golden – don’t overbrown!
6. Add the risotto rice and stir to combine, fry for around 1 minute stirring constantly.
7. Add a ladleful of the stock, stir to combine and continue stirring whilst it is absorbed. You need the heat on pretty low here, just make sure it’s a gentle simmer.

Adding the stock

Adding the stock

8. Keep adding ladlefuls of the stock, once the previous liquid has been absorbed by the rice, and stirring regularly. This should take around 15-20 minutes but keep tasting the rice after 15 minutes. It should have a creamy texture with just a little bite. Keep cooking it until you get this texture – you might not need all the liquid though.
9. Once the rice is cooked, return the chorizo and squid to the pan, stir to combine.
10. Cook through for about 2 minutes to warm them. Turn the pan off.
11. Add the parmesan and stir to combine. Season to taste – I would say you don’t need any salt (because of the cheese and chorizo) but some pepper does help it a little!
12. Serve with some lovely cold white wine – or a Coors because that’s what I had in my fridge! 😉

Trying to refrain from eating it long enough to take a photo!

Trying to refrain from eating it long enough to take a photo!

This would have been lovely with a little chopped parsley stirred through it but I didn’t have any sadly, fed it all to Betty – what a bourgeois rabbit! 😉


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