DIY – Our gorgeous garden before and after

So many thought we were crazy, many thought we would never finish but after a huge amount of work (and lots of help from my lovely Mum and Dad) we have FINALLY finished our garden! We’ve been in the new house now for nearly 2 months and have had the damp man come and pull half the plaster in our house off of the walls, ripped up half the carpets and had no sofa but we now have a garden to be proud of. Hopefully summer isn’t completely over and we can sit out in it a little and appreciate our hard work. With no further ado though here are the before and after shots…

Our garden before (well part of the way through)

Our garden before (well part of the way through)

We ripped out all the boards and the bark, repointed a wall, dug a huge hole, removed something like 50 bags of soil, laid a patio, created raised beds, dug fence post holes, put up fencing and trellis, planted all of my accumulated plants, planted some vegetables, put down a huge amount of cat repellent to stop our garden being the cat litter tray it had become, painted a huge amount of wood, put up a garden shed and ta da, only 7 weeks later, this is what we have…

There’s still a fair amount more I want to do, including finishing painting the fence, putting the shed door on, getting some new plants into all my pots, getting a little bistro set for down the side of the house, finding an evergreen climber for the trellis for when the roses/honeysuckle aren’t blooming but for now I am SO happy with what we have done! I want the planting in the beds to be very dense, kind of cottage garden style so need to find some more plants cheaply too. We even had a BBQ on Sunday night like it was a real garden!

Now onto stripping the lounge and hall floors…well ok, maybe I might sit down for a second! 😉


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