The awesome Mr Levi Roots comes through again!

Well I had a LOVELY weekend, primarily because it involved NO DIY 🙂 Thank you! But also because I had a lovely time with our friends on Saturday night, far too much was drunk but the food went down very nicely and mostly thank to the lovely Mr Roots.

Having watched him  chirping away about Reggae Reggae sauce oh so many years ago on Dragons Den I have still to actually buy any of the sauce and haven’t even tried it, unless you could sticking my finger in my Mum and Dad’s bottle and 2 in the morning – sorry! 🙂 So when I bought his second cook book for Mr B last year it was an impulse purchase – one I’m glad I made! Since then Mr B has made me some of his AWESOME rack of lamb in cherry sauce and some roast banana ice cream which was…good if you like bananas? I have a bit of a love/hate relationship…add peanut butter to the equation and I’m happy…hmmmmm. Anyway, back to the subject at hand – Mr Roots. Food for Friends is full of recipes with huge amounts of flavour but using reasonably cheap cuts of meat or no meat at all in many instances. I decided for the first dinner party in our new house that I would use his book to the full and ended up making an entirely Levi meal. Wouldn’t he be proud?

So we started with lime daiquiris…except I was short on some lime so added some pineapple juice left over from one of the marinades – the drink definitely didn’t suffer and you could still taste the 3 shots of rum he suggested per person – wooo hoo, they went down nicely 😉 Then we had some Roasted (Levi) Roots Soup which was SO easy to make, completely vegetarian and PACKED with flavour. Definitely one I’d make again. Then we made Sticky Jerk ribs (using mango chutney, pineapple juice and LOTS of cumin) with BBQ Mojo chicken (citrusy and spicy), roasted Butternut Squash, Peanut and Spinach salad (tangy, sweet and nutty) and green cuban rice (packed with coriander and parsley). All of which I would make again most definitely, though perhaps I wouldn’t make Mr B BBQ in the dark – he took to the challenge very well but not being able to see the food you’re cooking is one handicap to far I think!

We then finished with Mr B’s version of Levi’s Spiced Stout Ice cream made entirely by his fair hand, it was deliciously cinnamony (or some word like that) with a good smack of rum 🙂 What’s a pudding without rum? We did cheat a little with bought brownies as I’d decided by then that we’d made enough. I probably would again as well though maybe heat them a little so they’re a little more gooey with the icecream….mouth’s watering!

So all in all a lovely evening with some great company (thank you for coming guys!) and some very enjoyable food from my end – hopefully it went down well!

I’d also completely forgotten that I’d already ordered the next book in his range – Spice it Up – which arrived at work yesterday just as I’d reached the depths of Monday despair – just in time for me to pick something for dinner! Without having to buy anything – so many of the recipes use stuff I keep in my cupboard anyway, we put together his Mustardy Macaroni Cheese for dinner last night…ok I cheated a little as I hate macaroni pasta and used some huge shells I had…and I used Dijon instead of grain mustard…and I used more milk instead of cream…and I added spinach…so it was kind of his recipe! When do I ever follow a recipe properly though?

I think Mr B is now going to make us his spicy version of toad in the hole tonight so it’s another evening of Levi delights. I think Mr B has a man crush – Jamie will be jealous! 😉

Some photos of dinner last night…


Mustardy Macaroni Cheese


So pretty!

So pretty!


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