Why was last weekend so stupidly hot!?

I just want to get on with wearing my nice, new (to me) winter clothes I’ve been getting off of eBay, eating lovely wholesome winter meals mostly consisting of custard and kicking leaves in the air whilst wearing my wellies…I just don’t really like the summer, I realise this is a hangable offence but I love the winter – bright, crisp days with stodgy food, cheek freezing walks and snuggling in front of the fire. I’ve been looking forward to Autumn since May!

So WHY was it so ridiculously hot this weekend? We/I had plans to pull out the cupboard in our lounge, rip off the rest of the wallpaper, put the skirting boards back on, put things in the loft, get started on the new quilts I’m making for Christmas and generally sort out the hundreds of piles and boxes (well, more like 10) around my house. Instead Mr B and I got hot and bothered (and not in a good sense) and squabbled our way through the weekend whilst achieving pretty little it feels like, I want my weekend for a do-over! Do you ever have that moment where you’re really not sure what you’re arguing about? We did it a lot!

We did manage to achieve one thing which we’ve been intending to do for about 3 weeks – we put the finishing touches to the coir matting in the hallway. Having ripped up all the carpets downstairs to do the sanding of the floors, we discovered that there was a massive piece of hard board in place of about 3 floorboards just inside the door in the hallway. So, rather than having to actually sort it out properly I came up with a bodge that involved sanding 2 thirds of the hallway and covering the rest in coir matting – presenting it as my truly intentional and original idea, obviously! I think the main problem with fitting it ourselves though is that neither of us had a clue what we were doing but both felt we should pretend we did 😉

The coir matting, edged and finished

The coir matting, edged and finished

But it is done now and I do feel mighty proud of our efforts every time I come down the stairs 🙂

To be fair, it wasn’t all bad, we did have a nice evening out on Friday, drinking outside in the sun…so it wasn’t all bad…and we had a lovely BBQ on Sunday afternoon…and we sat out with Betty as she ransacked all my pots – yes, they look pathetic, I know!

Betty in the flower pot

Betty in the flower-pot

But last night I tried to make up for the lack of action a little and I’ve nearly finished one quilt with the plan to get started on fabric planning for the other two tonight and I’ll be putting all my other fabric in the loft so you can actually move around in our spare room. Mr B needs the space to play XBox you see 😉


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