Getting things sorted and a little forward planning…

This weekend we got a little bit closer to getting the house a little more sorted before Christmas – my basic requirement is to get the lounge looking like a lounge (so my Christmas tree looks pretty – sad I know) and for the tools to not be ALL over the house!

We have a long weekend off next weekend and we are going to line the walls in the hall and lounge that were pulled apart for the damp treatment, sand and paint all the woodwork in the hall and lounge and paint the walls in the hall and lounge. We’ve decided that the ceilings don’t need doing for the moment as they were done by the guy who sold us the house only a few months ago and…we have achy arms as it is!

So we had to finish all the prep this weekend, we finished stripping all the walls – I’d forgotten how much I hate stripping wallpaper – and thought about putting the skirting boards back on…but didn’t 🙂 Clearly we have to think about the logistics of whacking a few nails into the boards for at least a month before doing anything. They need to be done this week anyway otherwise we can’t wallpaper properly. I’ve been working on the fireplace too, getting that sorted so with a bit of fire cement, a fire guard and an ash pan we can actually have a fire…I’m so excited it’s ridiculous!

A pretty productive weekend anyway, we also ‘pimped’ Betty’s hutch as it’s been getting RIDICULOUSLY cold at night, so she now has a sheep like coating on her hutch, underneath the cover. We saved the horrible carpet from the lounge and have put it to good use, giving her insulated walls 🙂 I completely forgot to take photos though…it wasn’t that exciting anyway!

The other thing I made a bit of headway on this weekend was operation ‘Sew-up’, a top-secret endeavour which will only be revealed if I actually manage to pull it off! Put it this way, I’ve set myself the task of sewing more items in the next month (and a bit) than I’ve sewn in the past year…yup, I’m an idiot! 🙂

Anyway, once I am able to reveal my sewing efforts I shall but in the meantime I will post photos of our DIY efforts this week so you can all laugh at our bodging! 😉


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