Meat-free still? Well…sort of

Whilst I have been still maintaining my meat free outlook (avoiding ‘rubbish’ meat wherever possible), I did have some meat over the last week or so – strangely I didn’t really enjoy it though…?! I am proud that I had a veg curry when we went to a curry restaurant though – the fact that it nearly blew my head off is another story entirely. Note to self:  ‘fairly hot’ means ‘sort of inedible’.

Anyway, this week I got a most awesome recipe card with my box so have followed two meat free recipes this week – delicious! The third one is coming tonight – Brocoli and Feta soup (though I may have to lie to Mr B and pretend it’s peas – he has some weird thing with brocoli…like him and Swindon really).

So, the recipes…

Spanish Potatoes with poached egg – essentially patatas bravas but easier (don’t bother peeling the potatoes).

Little Italian Courgette cakes – like carrot cake, odd sounding but strangely delicious and very low in fat.

Spanish potatoes with a poached egg

Spanish potatoes with a poached egg

Little Italian Courgette Cakes

Little Italian Courgette Cakes


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