I won something! Passport wallet pattern

I was lucky enough the other week to win a competition run by the very talented Lynne of Lily’s Quilts – something I’ve not done in a very long time – and I became the proud owner of a passport holder pattern from the most generous Amber at One Shabby Chick.

The pattern was really great and perfect for our upcoming California trip (could I mention that more times?!?) – I chose to make the smaller, 4 pocket version as there are only the two of us travelling. However, for some unknown reason I chose to make this in an oilcloth I got cheap off of eBay – do not make it in oilcloth unless you are intending to swear an enormous amount at your sewing machine, break 2 needles and unpick a million gazillion missed stitches. If you have a super duper powerful sewing machine you’d be fine I’m sure but my good old Janome was just not up to the task – even with a heavy weight needle. I ended up having to ‘cut’ the corners and sew a straight line across them to avoid the bulk of the corner.

This was my first time using a press stud too so excuse the small dent on the top, for some reason I decided to hit it with a hammer whilst the wrong way round in the holder. But there is beauty in imperfecti0n…hmmm. Better results next time for sure!

I have learnt my lesson…well I thought I had till I saw how gorgeous the wallet looked in oilcloth, and oh how practical…but no, these thoughts must be squashed!

But what do you think? I’m pretty pleased with myself if I do say so and love the grey and yellow together. I’ll definitely be making some more to put in my shop too…but for now, here is my little wallet, all packed up with our passports ready for our trip…in a month’s time – somewhat early! 😉


4 thoughts on “I won something! Passport wallet pattern

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