Make your own beach bag

Following the success of my first beach bag (which I am keeping, no questions, I hands down LOVE it), a very lovely lady innocently asked if I could make her one before her impending holiday which essentially gave me two weeks – plenty of time in normal hours but with a full-time job and about a gazillion intentions to make stuff for my shop not so long – and I said no.

I just didn’t think I’d have time – then I saw this fabric in my cupboard which I completely forgot I bought from IKEA and a gorgeous matching yellow and white polka dot that I thrifted and I just knew I had to make it – I even had enough of the plastic to make the base hard – it was fated to be.

So the VIP lady got her wish and I made her a bag…which I now like a little bit more than mine (shhhh, my bag shall never know). It’s bigger, brighter and has even prettier pockets. But its future lies with VIP lady and I do hope they are very happy together! 😉

If you would like one for yourself or as a present for another then please get in touch!

VIP beach bag


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