Our engagement shoot in Oxford…

Firstly, I’ve been rubbish, I know. I’ve been busy dieting and mostly making bits and pieces for our wedding which unfortunately means that I can’t share any of it on here hence the silence. The thing is, if I’m putting this much effort in to the little things, I want it all to be a surprise for the guests…who knows, it may even be a surprise to me – if I get in all done in time!

Secondly, and far more importantly, we met up this weekend with our wedding photographer – Samuel Docker – for an engagement shoot in nearby Oxford (mostly the Botanical Gardens) and I wanted to share a few of the shots with you.

I should mention that as a (sort of) reluctant bride I’ve been more than a little nervous about being pleased with how I look in the photos of our wedding – it’s not that I think I’m ugly in photos and I am sure that pretty much nothing will make me feel bad that day as I’ll be so happy that I’m marrying Mr B – it’s just that in photos I never,  ever look like I look in my head…I kind of like being ignorant of the reality and thinking I look better than I do 🙂

I thought that having an engagement shoot would help manage my expectations of what the wedding photos would look like, I know I won’t suddenly turn in to Rachel Weisz but I do have somewhat unrealistic dreams, although I was a little unsure about having one as I’ve seen some of the American ones on the wedding blogs I follow and they are CHEESETASTIC – like the kind of thing I imagine some of them put on holiday cards (a concept that I will never, ever be able to compute) and I did not want to be part of one of those!

I shouldn’t have worried though (how ridiculously often is that true?) – what the day ended up being was a great opportunity to meet Sam, calm my/our nerves a little and get a better idea of how to pose so I can be happier with our wedding photos.

We ended up really enjoying having our photo taken but I was still worried that the reality captured in the photos wouldn’t reflect what I thought they’d look like in my head. But Sam’s only managed to make me look better than I think I do in my head 🙂 I only hope he can work the same magic on our wedding day!

There’s a post on Sam’s blog over here


4 thoughts on “Our engagement shoot in Oxford…

  1. Jo – the photos are beautiful!
    And you know that you are going to be the most beautiful bride in May – I can’t wait to dance like a wally with you that evening! x

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