Cot quilts – something special for a special little one

Whilst planning the wedding was amazing, it has been pretty exhausting to the big day and I’ve not been doing much of anything else, in particular blogging or making anything that’s not wedding related. So I’ve already fixed the blogging thing and have really enjoyed getting back in to it and I’ve now also fixed the crafting thing now I have spare time and brain power!

When I first sat down to make something I literally had no idea what to make. I’ve had too many ideas over the last 12 months that I’ve done nothing about that even looking through my bookmarks and pins made my head ache, there are loads on there that I’ve wanted to make but just haven’t. I made a failed attempt at an oven glove which Mr B had to wrestle from my arms whilst I screamed ‘why is it wrinkled!?!’ and sewed a little girls dress, which is really cute but I don’t know any 5-7 year old girls so can’t even see if it’ll fit a human being…I could try to fit one of my breasts in it…? Anyway, I digress! So finally I realised that I should be quilting, quilting is what I love and what I am, clearly, better at – better at than making oven gloves anyway!

With a friend at work (Mrs P) going off on maternity leave last week I had only a short time to rustle up something and I decided on a cot quilt using some of the vintage sheets I’ve been collecting and a few re-purposed cotton shirt scraps I kept because I just knew I’d have a purpose for them! 😉 I went for a lilac and pink colour scheme as Baby P is apparently going to be a girl and the quilt was so much fun to make and I tried out a new method of finishing it that didn’t involve having to make binding – my least favourite part – or having to hand sew said binding on to the quilt back. Basically I made the backing longer round all the sides, folded it over to make binding and then machine stitched it with a zigzag all the way round. It was a lot quicker and should make the quilt more robust as the stitching should be a lot stronger than my hand stitching!

I’m really happy with how it turned out and it seemed to go down well but I’ll wait to see whether Baby P approves! 🙂

Spurred on by my success I decided to make another, this time in a more unisex blue, lilac and yellow but still using vintage sheets and cotton shirt scraps. I also tried a completely new method of fixing this one together, basically making it into a duvet cover inside out, stitching all the way round then turning the right way out and hand stitching the opening closed. I then machine quilted at 5 inch intervals so it’ll stay put well but it’s got a bit more ‘loft’ than many other quilts I’ve made and I’m really happy with the results…

I think this would make a lovely gift for a pregnant friend or family member or you could buy it as a treat for your newborn. Perfect for gracing any elegant nursery! This quilt is now on sale over here – be the first to grab it!

I am definitely going to be making more of these  so if you’d like to buy one and would like a particular colour/style/size then let me know!


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