DIY wedding planning: Chalkboard signs

Along with wanting to choose everything to do with every element of the wedding I also wanted to be able to fill it with lots of DIY and handmade touches which would give the day that personal touch. To this end I must have, in the last 12 months of wedding planning, bookmarked or pinned about 2000 pages of tutorials for making anything and everything. 95% of these never saw the light of day, I even had an ‘If I have time’ folder in my bookmarks that I’ve still yet to look at, but some  of these tutorials were hugely helpful to me. Most of them weren’t followed even vaguely but instead gave me inspiration to make things up a little and do my own thing.

I decided early on that I wanted colour and lots of it for the wedding, there’s no way I could have tied myself to two or three colours so I went for a multi-coloured wedding theme – focusing most of the colour on the flowers around the reception, in mine and the bridesmaids bouquets and in paper based decorations around the reception venue.

In a lot of the wedding inspiration sites I came across I was really drawn to the use of different fonts together along with stark contrasts (like white against black) which would stand out from all the colour in everything else I was making. One of the ideas I came up with was for chalkboard signs. The signs would be useful, justifying me spending time on this :), and the font/text would stand out starkly against the black background, helping to give that ‘stark’ look to our wedding.

Firstly we took a visit to our local Sue Ryder sale in Nettlebed (which I could live at!) and purchased some gold frames – who knew Mr B was so opinionated about picture frames!?! 😉 I then bought some black card from Hobbycraft – just the kids card that comes in packs of 10 or so – and cut it on the guillotine at work (thanks work) into the right shapes for each frame. I then used white chalk rubbed across the whole of the card and wiped off with a cloth to create a faux ‘chalkboard’ look.

I used a chalk pencil (they are soooo hard to find) to write the signs and sealed the surface with a mist of bog-standard hairspray afterwards to stop them from smudging too much – something I was paranoid about!

I was so happy with how they turned out but even more chuffed when I saw them in situ at the reception, doing their job perfectly! Hopefully you agree they were a success?

Maybe you’d like something like this for your party or wedding? Why not ask me to do it? I would love to! Contact me at for details and prices. Alternatively contact me at my Etsy shop.


14 thoughts on “DIY wedding planning: Chalkboard signs

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