DIY wedding planning: Wedding cake toppers

Along with the million and one decisions we had to make about the wedding was the decision on the cake. Having decided that there was no colour scheme I became hugely enamoured with some very crazy, bold, colourful designs (horribly impractical . So I picked what I thought was a relatively simple design, plain white cake with a spray of sugar paste multi coloured flowers across the centre, until I showed my MiL and saw her face 🙂

As a very talented cake maker it was more than within her abilities but did take a lot of planning, practising and trial and error but it was soooo worth it! I loved the finished cake and think it looked even better than I’d hoped!

Wedding cake with bespoke cake toppper


Wedding cake with bespoke cake toppper


What do you think? Talented lady or what!

To grace the top of the cake I decided on another piece of wedding DIY and, having seen lots of inspiring pictures across Pinterest, went about making a mini Mr B and Mrs B, complete with accessories and all 🙂

Wedding cake topper peg people

I love my peg people!

I purchased some wooden peg people on-line and, using acrylic and a water based varnish, decorated them to resemble the two of us as closely as possible. Though, quite wonderfully Mr B decided to change the colour of his tie AFTER I’d already painted it all in – a most excellent contribution to the wedding planning but I think my second tie attempt was actually an improvement!

I enjoyed making them so much and thought they looked wonderful perched atop the cake that I’ve decided to add these to my growing Etsy shop so if you’d love that little touch of personalisation on your cake but don’t know where to start – just get me to do it!

For your personalised cake topper (should take between 3-4 weeks to fulfil an order) visit my Etsy shop. I’m keeping ours forever as every time I see them they bring back wonderful memories and thought I’d add to them as our family grows…maybe even let them play with them – I might even make a rabbit peg person! 🙂

In case you didn’t know I also make chalkboard wedding signs so check them out too!


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