Our wonderful wedding – 4th May 2013

So I finally got round to sharing some pictures with you!

After loving our engagement shoot in Oxford with Sam I was pretty sure that the photos he took for the wedding would be pretty awesome but I had no idea quite how well he’d manage to capture the feeling of the day and a million and one pictures of me grinning like a complete idiot – that being entirely my own fault!

I couldn’t recommend Sam enough, he charmed every person he spoke to at the wedding and everyone is now suggesting that he has some kind of magical ability to appear invisible as he was so unobtrusive on the day…maybe he is a little bit magic…? Wondering through the bluebell woods (at Sam’s suggestion) felt more than magical…till I heard a mouse!

Et voilà…

We’ll definitely be finding an excuse to get photographed by him again, we both found that we actually quite enjoy being the centre of attention and having someone follow us around – Mr B took to it like a duck to water! Who knew he was such a poser…I, of course, am not. Just him. I just went along with it, hating every minute 🙂

If you have a wedding coming up and you want someone who will capture the essence of your day whilst charming everyone in his path then book Sam, but book him soon, the hordes will be discovering him soon enough!


4 thoughts on “Our wonderful wedding – 4th May 2013

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