Circus themed table plan success

Whilst Baby B is baking along nicely I’ve been trying to build my wedding table plan business in time for maternity leave and (fingers crossed) being able to make a little money on the side to top up my maternity leave pay and keep myself amused – it’ll be more enjoyable than real work anyway! 🙂

I’m now nearly 31 weeks along and D day is rapidly approaching…I’m trying hard to keep a lid on the mild terror I feel for the moment but I’m sure it’ll pop out later. Having great trouble with deciding on a pram too, I hate pram people – I don’t want to become someone who wilfully runs all other pedestrians off of the pavement!

Anyway, back to the business at hand – wedding table plans.

The lovely Catherine contacted me back in September about a large chalkboard table plan for her wedding reception which had a circusy theme – an idea I loved! So I came up with a few designs and went for something a little different to my usual table plan style.

What do you think?

Catherine also very kindly sent me a picture of the table plan in situ…

Circus themed chalkboard table plan

If you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.


2 thoughts on “Circus themed table plan success

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