East Sussex DIY wedding table plan: Hannah & James – January 2014

So…at 39+4 weeks I’m getting a little bored of being pregnant and just want to meet our little man! I’ve enjoyed being pregnant but it’s been long enough now – I want to be able to bend at the waist again and drink margaritas! 🙂 I have however started 2014 with two orders for my peg people cake toppers and three orders for wedding table plans which is quadruple the orders I had at this time last year so things are coming along nicely, slowly but surely!

Whilst waiting for Bean to get the hint and get out I thought I’d share with you my last chalkboard wedding table plan of 2013 for the East Sussex based wedding of Hannah and James.

Hannah got in touch back in September last year, looking for a chalkboard table plan and table numbers to use at her DIY nature themed wedding and provided loads of ideas of the styling she was looking for. I used a wheat motif across both the table plan and numbers which I think suited the setting and the timing of the wedding. Hannah seemed pleased anyway! But what do you think?


If you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.


10 thoughts on “East Sussex DIY wedding table plan: Hannah & James – January 2014

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