Quick, it’s sunny – get outside!

Anyone in the UK will appreciate that getting out and about recently without getting soaked from above or below has been somewhat difficult, I didn’t even know this much rain could fall in a month. But yesterday was just beautiful, not a spot of rain and brilliant sunshine all day so we got our wellies out and drove to the ‘country’ for a nice long walk (well for a 40 week+ pregnant lady) to try and shake Baby B out.

I did manage to walk for over an hour but paying for it today with horrible pelvis pain, maybe he’s on his way out? ;) Then we stopped off at the White Hart in Nettlebed for some well deserved steaks (and a pudding or two which I felt very justified in consuming!). A lovely, sunny, wintery day – as Sunday’s should be :) What did you do with your sunny Sunday?

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2 thoughts on “Quick, it’s sunny – get outside!

  1. Lovely photos. It was a beautiful day. I spent a long while in the garden clearing leaves and cutting back. I feel very pleased with myself when I look out today.

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