A framed chalkboard table plan: Jennie & Peter April 2014

Since the little Bean has made an appearance I’ve struggled to wash my hair or brush my teeth, let alone do anything on my Etsy shop or update my blog so I would apologise for being so absent but I’ve literally not had a moment!

My Etsy shop has however been ticking along nicely on its own and doing really well so far this year – I’ve had several chalkboard table plan bookings already!

Jennie got in touch just before the birth of our little man asking for something a little different to my usual creations and I was more than happy to oblige. I sourced, painted and distressed a couple of vintage frames for her and created an original design for a wedding table plan and guest book sign.

Juggling this alongside caring for Bean was a little difficult but really enjoyable and I’m so pleased with the outcome…

As always, if you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.


One thought on “A framed chalkboard table plan: Jennie & Peter April 2014

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