A navy chalkboard table plan: Georgina & Owen – May 2014

When Georgina contacted me way back in 2013 about a coloured chalkboard table plan for her May 2014 wedding it all seemed so distant in the future, how quickly its come around!

The wedding featured lots of blue and white touches and she wanted a chalkboard to reflect this so I went for a deep blue, almost navy, as the background and echoed the leaf motif found on their invites. It was a lot of fun doing something different and gave me loads of ideas for other table plans and signs I’d like to do but that’s a story for another day. Fingers crossed that the day was amazing – the weather certainly improved for them! I took lots of photos so thought I’d share some with you…

If you see anything here that you like and would like something similar for a wedding or function of your own then please do get in touch at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk or take a look on-line at my Etsy site.


2 thoughts on “A navy chalkboard table plan: Georgina & Owen – May 2014

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