About me

This blog started as a means of expressing my increasing irritation at my generous capacity to think and dream up ideas for creations of food, fabric and home furnishings alongside my complete inability to muster up the impetus to do anything about them…

So dreamalittle…dreamalot was born and I kind of try to actually make/do some of the things that I dream about so often! Having recently added my own business making chalkboard signs and being a Mum to my little boy to the mix my days are anything but boring!

Jan-April 2013 339

A mum by day and a crafting and cooking maniac by night I’m slowly building up my abilities and have recently opened an Etsy shop and started making things for people other than my family 🙂

I now take wedding and party accessory, sewing and quilt commissions so please contact me at dreamalittle83@yahoo.co.uk if you see anything you like!


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